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Dr. Divya Kumar

Dr. Divya Kumar

Areas of Interest

High Risk and Normal Pregnancy, Advance Gynae endoscopy Surgery, Infertility & IVF, ICSI, Gynae USG

  • MBBS
  • DNB (Obs & Gynae)
  • Fellowship in clinical ART
  • Trained as Gynae Endoscopy and Gynaecological USG

Dr. Divya is a renowned gynaecologist, Obstetrician, and Infertility specialist with more than 15+ years of experience. She has expertise in normal & high-risk pregnancy, Recurrent miscarriage advance gynae endoscopic surgeries, infertility & IVF.

Dr. Divya has done her MBBS from SKMCH, Muzaffarpur Bihar, It is situated in rural area and that’s how in her initial days she got to know and deal with the problems of patients coming from remote village of India.

Currently, Dr. Divya practices at Accord Superspeciality Hospital, where she continues to provide excellent medical care and specialized treatments to her patients. Her vast experience and expertise make her a trusted and sought-after healthcare professional in the field of gynecology, obstetrics, and infertility.

Later she completed her post-graduation & training in Obs & Gynae form Escorts Hospital Faridabad. Which is tertiary care centre catering people from Faridabad Delhi, NCR. There she mastered in advance gynae endoscopic procedures like laparoscopy & hysteroscopy. During her postgraduation tenure. She got her research work published in Indian Journal of Endoscopy also.

After Completing her postgraduation she worked in Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad as resident and later on consultant in department of Obs & gynae. During this period, she effortlessly carried her responsibilities as a clinician and was also active in organising various workshops & Conferences. She presented paper in various national & International Conferences,

In 2014 moved by the plight of infertility couple she pursued a fellowship in assisted reproductive techniques. parenthood is every couple’s right irrespective to socioeconomic strata.

Being women and a doctor to women, Dr. Divya have not only been vocal about the lack of education and health awareness in women but also about the problems faced by working women during pregnancy at workplace and by mothers returning back to work.

She has been part of international conference on returning mothers rediscovery the lost talents part organised by IEEE

Dr Divya is experienced and registered for conducting USG which is an integral part of modern OBS GYNAE and ART practice. She has presented many papers in gynae endoscopy and infertility and is also actively involved in teaching, academics and social service.

Dr Divya has teaching experience as faculty in post graduate DNB training programme in OBS and Gynae. She was also faculty in specialist training programme in clinical fellowship in ART.

She is one of the most eminent & compassionate doctor for Reproductive Medicine & Infertility,

She is working towards

  1. Spreading awareness regarding institutional delivery and role of antenatal check-ups during pregnancy
  2. Wide acceptance of gynae endoscopy surgeries
  3. Spreading health awareness in adolescent girls & women
  4. Breaking myths surrounding IVF & Infertility
  5. Making IVF/ICSI Procedure more affordable & assessable
  6. Optimization of IVF Cycle

Plan Table

Getting Pregnant

Becoming a parent is an incredible journey in life. It brings about profound changes and responsibilities in your personal life and relationship. To ensure a smooth transition into parenthood, it's essential to be well-prepared. You can start by seeking the expertise of a gynecologist near me, such as a gynecologist surgeon in Faridabad. Their guidance and care will help make your journey into parenthood much easier."

Pregnant lady |Image

Trimester Chart

  1. Your baby is now the size of a poppy seed

    Baby's Length : Roughly 0.1 cm

    Baby's Weight : 1 g

  2. Your baby is now the size of a grape

    Baby's Length : Roughly 2.3 cm

    Baby's Weight : 2 g

  3. Your baby is now the size of a peapod

    Baby's Length : Roughly 7.4 cm

    Baby's Weight : 23 g

  4. Your baby is now the size of a bell pepper

    Baby's Length : Around 14.2 cm

    Baby's Weight : 190 g

  5. Your baby is now the size of a cucumber

    Baby's Length : Roughly 27.8 cm

    Baby's Weight : 430 g

  6. Your baby is now the size of a cauliflower

    Baby's Length : About 36.6 cm

    Baby's Weight : 875 g

  7. Your baby is about as long as a coconut

    Baby's Length : About 41.1 cm

    Baby's Weight : 1.5 kg

  8. Your baby is now the size of a head of romaine lettuce

    Baby's Length : About 47.4 cm

    Baby's Weight : Over 2.6 kg

  9. Your baby is now the size of a pumpkin

    Baby's Length : 51.2 cm

    Baby's Weight : Under 3.5 kg