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Pregnancy In Obesity

Are you expecting a child and struggling with obesity in Faridabad? It's essential to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with pregnancy in obesity. At Faridabad Obesity Treatment Doctors, we're here to guide you through this journey with expert care and support.

Obesity Treatment Doctors In Faridabad are well-versed in managing the health of expectant mothers. We offer specialized Obesity Treatment in Faridabad, ensuring that both you and your baby receive the best care.

Our experienced Obesity Doctors in Faridabad provide personalized guidance, helping you maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy. We understand that each individual is different, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

As part of our comprehensive care, we also offer a convenient Obesity Test Online in Faridabad, allowing you to monitor your progress from the comfort of your home.

Discover a healthier, happier pregnancy with Faridabad's leading Obesity Clinics. Your well-being and your baby's health are our top priorities. Contact us today to start your journey towards a safer and more fulfilling pregnancy in obesity

If I am overweight, what should I do before planning a pregnancy?

If you're overweight and considering pregnancy,the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. There are degrees of obesity. The more severe obesity, the more difficult a pregnancy can be.

You can calculate your BMI. The ideal is to be below 25. Many women in this condition are not below 25 for their BMI. Many woman fall in 25-30 which is overweight but not obese. For those women, increasing exercise, watching the diet would probably be sufficient.

What are the risks of obesity during pregnancy?

Obese in pregnancy, can affect both mother and child. For mothers, the risk of starting off pregnancy are increased risks for diabetes or high blood sugar, an increased risk for blood pressure issues particularly high blood pressure and a situation of preeclampsia, which involves high blood pressure with protein urine that can sometimes lead to a preterm labor because the mother has gotten very sick.

For babies, the risk of maternal obesity is that babies can be very small in size or they also could be enlarged. But we see the small babies more often.

How can these risks be managed while pregnant?

In order to manage the risks of obesity if you’ve gotten pregnant, then you’ll find yourself in the situation where we recommend you to talk with a nutritionist so that we can follow your diet closely to monitor you for any signs of diabetes and keep an close eye on the size of the baby by doing ultrasound. Also women with BMI greater than 4D at the very end of the pregnancy are monitored by doing no-stress tests and fluid evaluation of the baby.

Should I see a maternal fetal medicine specialist prior to becoming pregnant?

Talk to your doctor before considering pregnancy. Your doctor will assess your weight and possible risks to the pregnancy, discuss those with you on an individual basis and help you get set up with a nutritionist, maybe with the weight loss plan and exercise program to help you lose weight before becoming pregnant. And then your doctor would be able to follow you closely once you become pregnant.

How might a high BMI affect my pregnancy?

Having a high BMI during pregnancy increases the risk of various pregnancy complications, including:

  • The risk of miscarriage, stillbirth and recurrent miscarriage
  • Gestational diabetes
  • A pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys (preeclampsia)
  • Cardiac dysfunction
  • Sleep apnea
  • The need for a C-section and the risk of C-section complications, such as wound infections
How could obesity affect my baby?

Having a high BMI during pregnancy has been linked to an increased risk of various health problems for a baby, including:

  • Birth defects
  • Being significantly larger than average (fetal macrosomia)
  • Impaired growth
  • Childhood asthma
  • Childhood obesity

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